is a registered online retail company in Hong Kong since December 2016.  We are the official international distributor of eSPOT, Mizu Garden and Manford for products of smart city ligting, smart hydroponic kits and supplies and Intelligent wireless meat thermometer.  We follow the market trends and supply market capacity to actualize your ideas and needs.  Our mission is to help you revealing your caring, empathy and passion that synergize your inner thoughts and personal style to inspire your beloved with touchable matters.

For food distribution, we are the sole distributor of several Taiwan brands, such as Sugar & Spice, Jiu Zhen Nan, Master Mi, Wu-Tsang Treasure Tea Industry, Young Zen, Saint Peter, Vilson and The god of cookery soup. Also, we are sole distributor of Shoon Fatt, a Malaysia biscuits brand.

2016年12月Goods2buy.com在香港註冊為網上零售公司,代理品牌 eSPOT 照明電子產品,Manford 產品 以及Mizu園藝產品。 配合著社會新趨勢及供應商發展,產品經過精心細選,歇誠助你體現你的關懷、情感、內心世界和個人風格,並成為啟發和觸動他人的禮物。

隨著業務發展,我們致力拓展食品批發市場,現作為台灣伴手禮品牌糖村舊振南米大師蕪藏茗茶永禎、聖比德、有機品牌米森以及食品品牌食神煲湯的香港代理商及部份品牌的獨家代理商。放眼亞洲,2021年我們更成為馬來西亞乾餅品牌順發的獨家代理商。 reveals your caring, empathy and passion into visible present. We synergize your inner thought and identity to inspire others with touchable matters.